How to Handle Conflict Like an Ancient Chinese Boss
It seems like every week there’s another news story about a small dispute erupting into extreme violence, or even murder. We’ve all seen the shocking headlines, such as “Man charged with trying to kill co-worker with wrench” and “Neighbor feud escalates to weed whacker attack.” “How could anyone be so insane and irrational?” we may… (0 comment)

Confucius Never Casually Accepted Gifts
The ancients believed in the principle “sow nothing, reap nothing.” Confucius can be regarded as a perfect example. He never casually accepted remuneration gifted to him; much less did he steal others’ interests. Some people think that Confucius remained poor all his life because he was not recognized by the world at that time. In… (0 comment)

With Great Virtue, Lou Shide Resolves a Boat Disaster
Yuan Keshi, a fortune-telling master in the Tang Dynasty, had inherited his father’s skills and could tell fortunes very accurately through face reading. One day, Yuan and a scholar got into a boat together and were ready to cross the river. While sitting in the boat and waiting, Yuan looked at the other people in… (0 comment)

The Most Important Figures of Chinese History: China Under the First Emperor
This is the tenth in a series of articles by Epoch Times staff describing the foundations of Chinese civilization, and setting forth the traditional Chinese worldview. The series surveys the course of Chinese history, showing how key figures aided in the creation of China’s divinely-inspired culture. This installment outlines the peacetime accomplishments of Emperor Qin… (0 comment)

Helping Others Succeed Also Brings Success to Oneself
Zheng Xuan, an influential scholar during the Eastern Han Dynasty, was held in high regard in Chinese history. He studied, wrote copious notes on Confucianism Classics and is considered to be one of the most authoritative writers on Confucianism of the period. Zheng was in the process of writing notes on the book “Zuo Zhuan,”… (0 comment)

Classical Chinese Dance Competition in Tribeca Fosters Cultural Growth
NEW YORK—Contestants participating in the seventh International Classical Chinese Dance Competition completed the final rounds at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in lower Manhattan on Oct. 21. It is the latest in a series of dance competitions hosted in New York by local Chinese-language broadcaster New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD). Winners were given medals and… (0 comment)

Life Exists Because of One’s Soul
Most people believe that we have souls, but know little about when and how a soul begins to dominate a human body. We may find some clues in a story in the book “Zibuyu Volume II” written by Yuan Mei, a scholar and writer who lived in the Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1636-1912). According to the… (0 comment)

Politician Fan Zhongyan Put Others’ Needs First
Fan Zhongyan was a prominent politician and a famed poet and writer during the Northern Song Dynasty (A.D. 970-1127). A saying of his, “Be the first to feel concern for others and the last to enjoy yourself,” has become immortal in history and serves as a true reflection of his life. During the second year… (0 comment)