The first homework assignment of every school year for every student in each of my middle school math classes included a 9-question “interest inventory.” This particular interest inventory is a self-assessment tool that invites students to reflect on their past experiences. My students agreed that answering the 9 interest inventory questions was a nice change… (0 comment)

For people of faith who wants religious degrees, distance education is a viable option. It's often hard to find faith based education that is convenient. Traditional schools that offer religious degrees may not exist in your community. If they do exist, they are more frequently financally challenged than other schools, and offer fewer classes when… (0 comment)

Are you a parent who children are getting ready for a new school year? Are you troubled by the prospect of sending them to a public institution? If so, then it might be beneficial for you to consider sending them to one of the private high schools in your area. There are several benefits to… (0 comment)

Having a college degree program from online has its own benefits. We can observe this benefit through the money we can save, flexibility of time, and also in physical location. While these are true, there may be just a few disadvantages. This includes limited instructor interaction and tendency to procrastinate. Take your time reading and… (0 comment)

Bad roommate matches happen sometimes. Maybe she borrows your clothes without asking. Maybe you two have totally different sleep schedules and he's totally disrespectful of yours. Sometimes, you just end up with someone you hate. So what do you do? If It's Really, Really Bad, Try To Switch Bad roommates are a rite of passage.… (0 comment)

Do Not Procrastinate Of course you've heard this a million times before, but avoiding procrastination is the best thing you can do for yourself in terms of avoiding stress. Ironically, stressed out students usually turn to various forms of procrastination to alleviate stress. Taking breaks is okay, even necessary, but wandering away from a project… (0 comment)

Image is the greatest place in the world for those who bought to go to college and who go for the right reasons. For those who bought not to go or to go for the wrong reasons, college is a waste of time and money. First, who should not go to college? -Children who parents… (0 comment)

The Princess cut is called a square or rectangular modified brilliant in GIA grading reports. It is the most popular fancy shaped diamond. Its beautiful brilliance and unique cut makes it a favorite for engagement rings. It may have either 50 facets, 21 crown, 4 girdle, 25 pavilion, or 58 facets, 21 crown, 4 girdle,… (0 comment)