Reduce Global Poverty For Less Than $ 50

Many feel a desire to help the poor, but do not need to have the financial resources to make a huge impact. Not so! Here are some ways to help reduce global poverty for less than $ 50.

Reduce poverty with some shoes. There are companies that are considered social enterprises. The philosophy is profit with a purpose. When you make a purchase they will donate a similar item to a person in need. Toms Shoes gives one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. Fig Tree gives a shirt to a person in Africa for each shirt silk screened. Shoes, tee shirts and more … clothe yourself and the world. Amazingly it is extremely important in many developing nations that children have the right attire to attend school. Companies that donate shoes and clothes help provide the tools children need for an education, which is a good step out of poverty.

Reduce poverty through micro loans. Unfortunately there are not many good jobs in the rural areas of developing nations, but there are a lot of good entrepreneurs. Hard circumances usually lead to creative endeavors. Many humanitarian organizations provide micro loans to build or sustain livelihoods. Some individuals just need a little bit of money to get started, while others are ready to expand their businesses. Through a donation, or micro loan of any amount, you can help sustain families across the world. An added perk is many organizations post details about who is receiving the micro loans, allowing you to pick the person and criteria that best fits how you desire to help. World Vision and Kiva are two organizations, many many, that will connect your money with an entrepreneur in a third world country.

Reduce poverty with livestock. Farm animals help families in multiple ways. First farm animals provide a source of food, such as eggs or milk, providing nutrition for good health. Some of the animals can also help with workloads allowing farmers to be more efficient. In addition, food produced by the animals or products grows can be sold for income. Purchases of livestock can be made through church mission organizations or Heifer International. These organizations then deliver the animals to families in impoverished areas.

Reduce poverty when you purchase a gift. Many stores and organizations are teaching people living skills in poverty stricken areas. Crafts, purses, card making, jewelry, and wood products can be purchased either through retail outlets and online stores. Some are designated fair trade, while others may not have the certification but are ethically made. The purchase of these products creates profits to help families buy food and send their children to school. Global Exchange, Gifts With Humanity, Ten Thousand Villages, and Daughters of Cambodia are examples of such stores.

You may not be able to eliminate global poverty all at once, but changing the circumstances for an individual or family reduces poverty for them and the world.

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