Children receive education in safety

Roughly 70 children from the Twin Counties gathered Thursday at the East Carolina Agriculture and Education Center on Kingsboro Road for a day of fun and safety.

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day was sponsored by the Progressive Agriculture Foundation as part of its crusade to bring safety and health information to farming communities. Children ages 5-12 attended the event.

“This educational program provides training and resources for local communities to conduct one-day safety and health programs. Safety Days are designed to be age-appropriate, hands-on, fun and safe for children,” the organizations website states.

Tanya Heath, 4-H agent for Edgecombe County, said the Agriculture Safety Day has been part of Twin Counties 4-H programs for six years. She said many of the learning stations involved hands-on activities.

“This year, we had several stations so that children could learn about issues such as tractor and power take off safety, weather safety, electrical safety, grain safety, sun safety, animal safety and disability awareness,” Heath said.

The afternoon sessions focused on healthy lifestyles and hand-washing. At this station, children rubbed “Germ Gel” on their hands and then washed their hands. A black light revealed how well the hands were washed.

“A lot of kids don’t realize they need to wash their hands longer,” Heath said.

Many of the children who attended the camp were experienced at farm life. However, even these students learned a thing or two.

Caleb Heath, 11, said he leaned that two people should not ride a tractor at the same time. However, Heath said he already has an agricultural injury.

“I once got head-butted by a goat,” Heath said.

Payden Kiser, 11, said he especially enjoyed the electrical safety tips.

“I Iiked the part where the man made really long sparks and then it caught fire. That taught me to be careful,” Kiser said.

Iyanna Brazeal, 9, said she doesn’t know much about farms, but she did learn to stay away from danger. However, she had definite preferences about the activities of the day.

“My favorite thing we did today was eat,” she said.

Heath said the training on Agriculture Safety Day benefits city kids, too.

“Any kid, whether they live on a farm or not, needs to learn about things like weather safety or sun safety,” Heath said.


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