Education day wraps up, learning continues with help of volunteers at Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

You see them at various posts throughout the fairgrounds. Whether they are directing traffic, showing off an exhibit or manning booths, volunteers are vital to the success of the Big Fresno Fair.

“We have people who are very very dedicated and it starts in the parking lot and it comes all throughout the fair,” said Carol Chandler.

Easily spotted in their baby blue tees, each volunteer proves the Big Fresno Fair is a reflection of its community.

“We have a community of volunteers that come from all over the county they put in a lot of time,” said Liz Hudson.

The volunteering starts long before the fair does.

“Help putting the exhibits together–particularly the Ag building, all of those booths that display the produce that we grow are done by community organizations,” said Hudson.

The baby blue tees are most prominent on fair education day. Each volunteer underwent orientation to familiarize themselves with each exhibit the fair has to offer, so they can answer any questions parents, teachers, or students may have.

“We have volunteers who have been here from the very very beginning,” said Chandler.

There are more than a dozen people who have been volunteering for all 24 years of the program, like Elaine Gallo who you can find in the Bugology Exhibit.

She says it is her way to pay it forward after going as a kid years ago.

“It’s interesting to watch the children’s eyes light up when they see a tarantula for the first time or when they see a butterfly and get to hold it in their hand on a little petal,” said Gallo.

The fair education series may be done for the year but you still have a chance to learn throughout the duration of the fair.

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