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Education is the most important thing we can provide

Education is the most important thing we can provide
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Education is the most important thing that we, as a society, can provide.

Most societal problems can be solved by having a more educated population. We can’t provide health services without people who are educated to provide those services nor can we make advances in healthcare and treatments.

We can’t respond to emergency situations such as accidents, crimes or fires without those who are trained to handle those specific situations.

We can’t fight poverty or drugs without giving people a way to change their situation through getting a job, a better job or increasing their ability to provide for their families.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

It is not coincidence that Oklahoma is 49th in education but 2nd in inmates per capita. Louisiana is 50th in education and 1st in inmates. Massachusetts comes in 1st for education while New Jersey comes in 2nd. Massachusetts comes in 2nd for inmates per capita while New Jersey comes in at 8th.

Having a good education is the foundation for how we see the world around us. It helps us shape it into something better. It helps us build opinions and points of view. It helps us get a higher paying job, elect good officials and make better, more informed life decisions.

The Oklahoma legislature needs to fully invest in the education of our children. Children who receive a poor education have fewer job opportunities. They will have less of an impact on the Oklahoma economy as they enter the workforce. They will enter adulthood without the skills needed to be a productive member of society. And Oklahoma students will be far behind other people from around the country due to receiving a subpar education. They will not be competitive in the national and international markets.

The Oklahoma legislature needs to invest in our teachers. Without that valuable resource, our children will not receive any kind of education. And our teachers are leaving for states that have higher pay. Our overworked, exhausted teachers put their heart and soul into our children. We need to invest in them because our future leaders, our future workers, our future everything comes through our education system.

The Oklahoma legislature needs to find a way to fund a quality education system without taxing the already overtaxed. They need to find a way to fund the future of our state without pushing those costs onto those who are already struggling, which is who most sin taxes target. They need to look at wasteful spending and find a better option.

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