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Education remains key to better future

Education remains key to better future
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Having worked these last few weeks at Sampson Middle School, teaching social studies to seventh grade students, I am constantly reminded how parental support can make the biggest difference in the school life of all students. Let your students know that you care about their schooling and be there for them through it all. Parents must make the commitment, putting the well-being of their children first, no matter the cost.

Too many middle school students don’t seem to be confident about their ability to perform well, and they don’t seem to be willing to put in a little extra effort. Parents, please encourage your students to seek that extra help and be willing to offer and provide extra help at home as well.

Most experts believe that “organization is the key to middle school success.” Helping middle school students succeed makes it critically important to stress planning to keep track of assignments. To be sure, emphasizing the importance of education remains the key to improving the future of our children and youth. This makes education “the single most important job of the human race.”

Along with the home, there is still a need for our community to help re-instill that historic legacy of excellence and achievement among our youth. All of us must do a better job in helping to promote positive growth of self-esteem, attitudes, and capabilities. Through this platform, I have sought to instill in our children and youth the importance of education, beginning in the home and extending into the broader community, conveying high expectations of all students.

Again, we must insist on our parents, community leaders, churches and school leaders working together to raise strong children who must never settle for “just getting by.” Educating our youth and preparing them for the future must remain a collaborative effort. It will continue to require us to work together to put the educational welfare of every child front and center, keeping them on the educational pathway to improve their life chances for success. It is my hope and belief that such a concerted effort will allow all students to thrive, resulting in greater educational outcomes.

Believing in the Clinton Schools’ mantra, our parents and community should be vested in the lives of our students. It is common knowledge that students who have the support of the adults in their lives generally improve their chances of educational success. As a community, we must do all we can to ensure every child receives a quality education, for education is still the key to a better life.

It should also be the broader mission of our community to put young people on the path to becoming productive and contributing members of society. Just imagine if the myriad aspects of society did a little more, we could start having a tremendous impact on improving the quality of life for all.

Our community must get back to being at the forefront in promoting learning.

Larry Sutton is a retired school teacher from Clinton High School.

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