Education the focus at local salons

Reprinted from BTrue magazine.

CEDAR FALLS — Six years ago, Mod Salon and Beauty Store owners Heather Halbfass and Jody Carrier opened a salon, aiming to create an environment of creativity and collaboration.

“It’s great to help someone build confidence, and as an owner seeing your stylists succeed is a greater feeling than working behind the chair,” Halbfass said.

The success of their stylists relies on training and continued education throughout their careers. Part of that training is teaching other budding stylists at Capri College, from which most of Mod’s stylists graduated.

“One of the biggest ways to learn something is to teach it. This instills confidence in our stylists and allows us to stay in contact with potential new hires,” Carrier said.

Carrier and Halbfass created an apprenticeship program for future employees, which lasts from six months to a year. While only two stylists have gone through the program so far, they are providing feedback and ideas. The program includes theory and hands-on learning on Tuesdays, and shadowing current Mod Salon stylists for the rest of the week.

Texture Studio owners Brent Kriener and Travis Ford travel all over the country for continuing education.

Since opening their business six years ago, the pair has visited salons and academies in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Calif., Atlanta and New York.

“That’s the kind of education we do. We prefer the hands-on training because you get the real experience instead of watching someone do it,” Kriener said.

Kriener and Ford plan to build a team at their salon to accompany them on future training trips, with the ultimate goal to have that team style hair at fashion shows.

“We’re really looking into bringing people in slowly to show them what we do. In a sense, we are basically recreating ourselves in them by giving them the artistic ability to do these things,” Kriener said.

Ford also has plans to begin offering classes to the public to teach about styling products and tools so they can be used correctly at home.

“I think we are unique as far as styling goes and we are trying to create a space where stylists/artists can come and work,” he said.

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