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Get to know RPS superintendent Michael Muñoz

Get to know RPS superintendent Michael Muñoz
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Michael Muñoz, superintendent

What are your areas of responsibility? I serve as chief executive officer to the school board, which includes recommending policies and the annual budget, and providing information for decision-making to the board. I oversee education programs, personnel matters and the development and administration of the budget; I work with school leaders, teachers and staff to serve the needs of all students and meet district goals; I oversee the implementation of district policies, and respond to demands of all constituencies and interest groups in the district, including teachers, students, parents, staff, advocates, and the community.

How long have you worked for RPS? 6 years

What’s your favorite part of your job? Knowing that my work has touched and influenced so many students’ lives in a positive way, which has allowed them to reach their full potential. To me, putting students first is the most important quality of any educator. All decisions must be made by the guiding principle of what is best for the student.

How or why did you get into education? I have always had a passion for education, which, in all likelihood, my father passed on. He had a tremendous respect for education and constantly stressed the value and the opportunities it provides. I believe educational leadership is more than an occupation, it is a calling. I entered the field of education to make a difference in the lives of children. Through these children we shape the future. They are our true legacy. This sense of calling is the driving force behind my every choice, and it’s why I pursued a district-level leadership position.

What’s the biggest challenge of your job? One of the biggest challenges would have to be balancing the three major roles of a superintendent. That includes role of instructional leader, which is the responsibility for improving student achievement, and the role of managerial leader, which is keeping the district operating efficiently. As well as the role of political leader, which includes negotiating with stakeholders within the district, in the community and at the state level.

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