Government to invest in early childhood education

Parents have been asked not to trust their children with untrained caregivers.

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PIC: Ndejje University vice-chancellor Prof. Eriabu Lugujjo greets commissioner for teacher instructor education training at the education ministry, Jane Egau Okou during the graduation ceremony of early childhood development teachers. (Credit: Wilfred Sanya)

The commissioner for teacher instructor education training at the education ministry, Jane Egau Okou, has said the Government has committed resources, through the Global Partnership in Education programme to train up to 4,000 Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers by the end of 2017.

Okou said they are collaborating with faith-based organisations and the private sector to establish ECD centres.

She noted that although there are not enough specialised teachers for ECD, parents should not trust their children with untrained caregivers.

“We call upon all the stakeholders to increase  support to ECD  teacher education  because it is the  they only we can have properly trained care givers for the  children,” Okou said.

She was speaking recently at the graduation ceremony of 200 (ECD) teachers and business administrators in childhood development at Ndejje University in Mengo, Kampala.




Okou said that the Primary Teacher Education curriculum now caters for ECD specialist teachers for lower primary level and those interested in upgrading have a clear career path.

She commended Ndejje University for pioneering the training of ECD teachers.

She told the graduates to uphold the good name of the University that has trained them and live by the professional code of conduct in those fields wherever you go.

Ndejje University vice-chancellor Prof.  Eriabu Lugujjo asked the Government to invest more funding into Early Childhood Education (ECD) because it is the foundation of education.

 “One of the biggest challenges today is that most men do not want to join the teaching profession. Parents are discouraging their children from becoming teachers, saying it does not pay. It is hindering us from building the teaching profession,” Prof Lugujjo said.






Lugujjo implored students to prioritise the teaching profession when selecting courses. He said there is a shortage of teachers in the country, at all levels.
He also asked the Government to consider offering attractive salaries to teachers because they are the backbone of development in the country.

Lugujjo called for compulsory Early Childhood Education Development (ECD) for pupils before they are enrolled into primary schools, as it involves nurturing the child’s mind.


The educationist implored the Government to ensure that teachers in ECD are professionals.

 “Today, many ECD schools are mushrooming in our communities, but the quality of some teachers is wanting.  I request the government to start up ECD schools in its primary schools to ensure that all children can access it,” he said.


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