If education is a priority for Chicago, prove it

Chicago’s and Illinois’ finances are so far off-kilter that the state is in a precarious financial predicament. Education is a major priority for the state and the city, and I cannot foresee any help from the existing Chicago Teachers Union to solve the city and state financial problems.

Rather than fight the union for the years to come and never accomplish anything, is there a way to offer all Chicago Teachers Union workers an early retirement and phase in new teachers to replace them? These new teachers would receive their own 401(k)-style retirement plans that they contribute to and can take with them when they decide to move on to other areas for their career.

In this way, the teaching program in Chicago will not be restricted to the obsolete procedures of a union, but will be open to new and more productive teaching concepts that might arise in the future.

— Arne R. Jorgensen, Northbrook

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