Letter: Solution is to increase investment in public education

George Will (Opinion, Jan. 11) laments that elite colleges still admit a high proportion of children from wealthy families, not because of the families’ wealth as the colleges used to do, but because these children appear to have greater merit. This is due to the advantages children from wealthy families have over children from less wealthy families. The solution to this problem is to increase investment in public education so that children whose parents are not wealthy will not suffer from lack of opportunity.

The Trump administration is doing just the opposite. Instead of supporting public education, the new tax law increases tax breaks for families who send their children to private schools. Limiting the state and local tax deduction increases the cost of taxes paid to support public schools, likely resulting in decreased support. In a few years, Will can write another column explaining why this “hereditary meritocracy” has gotten worse.

Roy Rocklin
Fremont Union High School District
Board of Trustees


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