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Many education boards have missile response plan

Many education boards have missile response plan
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A Japanese government survey has found that a majority of education boards across the country have come up with measures to protect children from North Korean missiles.

The education ministry conducted the survey on prefectural and municipal boards last November. 1,648 boards, or more than 90 percent of the total, responded.

85 percent of the prefectural boards and 67 percent of the municipal boards say they have discussed with schools about how to evacuate children to safety.

Measures to be taken include keeping children indoors and having them crouch away from windows with curtains closed.

If missiles are launched while children are on their way to or from school, teachers plan to ask local residents to take children in until safety is confirmed.

At some schools, principals have conveyed details of these measures directly to children and their families so they won’t be too alarmed.

Waseda University Graduate School of Education Professor Toshikazu Koyama says schools need to take safety measures, but they also should provide children and their parents with sufficient information.

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