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Muskogee Board of Education Agenda 08.13.17

Muskogee Board of Education Agenda 08.13.17
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WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education Regular Meeting.

WHEN: 6 p.m. Tuesday.

WHERE: Board of Education Service and Technology Center, 202 W. Broadway.




Upon return to regular session, the board will consider:

A. School site statutory Waiver/Deregulation Application for Kimberly Davison to be a Library Media Specialist at Benjamin Franklin Science Academy.

B. Library Media Services Statutory waiver exemption request for Muskogee High School and Alice Robertson junior High School as presented for the 2017-2018 school year.

C. Negotiated Agreement with Muskogee Educators Association for the FY 2017-2018.

D. Negotiated Agreement with Muskogee Education Support Personnel Association for the FY 2017-2018.

E. Administrative and Salary Support Index for the 2017-2018 SY.

F. Non-acceptance of temporary certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Ashley Hopper, Counselor, Pershing effective 06-21-2017.

G. Resignation of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: John-Pierre’ LaFleur, Math Teacher, ARJH, effective 08-08-2017; Brooke Tilman, 6th Grade, Grant Foreman, effective 08-11-2017.

H. Rescindment of employment of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: *Shelley Webster, 3rd Grade Teacher, Irving effective 08-05-2017.

I. Employment of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Kim Davison, Librarian, BFSA (request waiver from SDE) effective 08-14-2017; Misti Loge, Psychometrist, BEST effective 08-07-2017; Jessica Van Voast, Resource Special Education, Grant Foreman effective 08-14-2017; TBA – TitleI, III, Neg. & Del. and Read Suff. Coord. 

J. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Jill Dotson, Kindergarten Teacher, Cherokee effective 08-14-2017; Randall Gorman, Sociology/Psychology Teacher, MHS, effective 08-14-2017; Jackie Jackson, 1st Grade Teacher, BFSA, effective 08-14-2017; Sean O’Brian, Music, Tony Goetz, effective 08-14-2017; Heather Rogers, Computer, BFSA, effective 08-14-2017; Bryan Shepherd, Math, MHS effective 08-14-2017; Drametrice Smith, Social Studies, ARJH, effective 08-14-2017; TBA – 6th Grade, Grant Foreman TBA; TBA, Math, ARJH; Mary Thompson, District Technology Teacher (.5FTE – retired pay scale), effective 09-01-2017.

K. Temporary extra duty employment of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Shonika Breedlove, HS Girls Head Basketball, MHS, $8,252; Blane Burge, Academic Pursuit/Head, MHS, $1,800; Rick Carbone, HS Head Slow Pitch, MHS, $5,708, and HS Head Fast Pitch MHS $5,708; Elizabeth Duncan Head, HS Cheer, MHS, $7,912, and Asst. JH Cheer, MHS, $2,366; Ryan Dvorak Asst., HS Football, MHS, $4,000; Phyllis Griffin, Counselor, Cherokee, $1,747 and Test Coordinator, Cherokee, $1,250; John Hammer, HS Head Volleyball, $4,142; Angie Hillmon, Head Girls Cross Country, $3,117, HS Head Girls Track, $4,342 and Head Boys Cross Country, MHS, $3,117; Aaron Hobbs, JH Asst. Baseball, MHS, $3,000, Head 8th Football, $3,700; Brad Huddleston, Head HS Girls Golf, $2,730, Head HS Boys, Golf, $2,730; Donna Lawson, Vocational, MHS, $2,000; Kodi Morrison, Special Olympics Coach, MHS, $3,520; Janet Oman, Newsletter, MHS, $1,100; John Singer, HS Asst. 9th FB, MHS $3,700, HS Asst. BB, $3,100 and July BB Mowing, $445.

L. Employment of substitute staff staff for the 2017-2018 SY.

M. Family medical leave for support staff for the 2017-2018 school year: Chelsey Perkins, Office Assistant, Sadler, effective 08-14-2017 through 10-16-2017.

N. Resignation of support staff for the 2017-2018 school year: James Allen, Custodian, MHS, effective 08-02-2017; Rachel Bolling, Bus Driver, effective 08-10-2017; Heather Everhart, 6hr CNS Associate, MHS effective 08-05-2017; Ernestine Harrison, Bus Driver, effective 08-07-2017; Amberly Hiner, Teachers Assistant, ECC, effective 07-21-2017; Jason Stein, Computer Technician, District, effective 08-11-2017; Jana Taylor, Career Counselor Aid, MHS, effective 08-25-2017.

O. Employment of support staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Amanda Brown, CNS Associate, BFSA, effective 08-14-2017; Kendall Dugan, Office Assistant, Tony Goetz, effective 08-14-2017; Shelley Duncan, Bus Driver, effective 08-14-2017; Lisa Fowler, CNS Floater, District effective 08-14-2017; Terry Fulton, Paraprofessional, Pershing, effective 08-14-2017; Amber Hatcher, Athletic Secretary, BEST Center, effective 08-15-2017; April Kirkendall, Paraprofessional, ECC, effective 08-14-2017; Dawn Knupp, Secondary Attendance Secretary, MHS, effective 08-07-2017; Chris Mayhue, Bus Driver, effective 08-14-2017; Briana Sinnett, Technology Technician, District effective 08-14-2017; Vera Walters – 6/hr CNS Associate – MHS, effective 08-14-2017. 

P. Temporary, extra-duty employment of support staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Mark Haile, Asst. Special Olympics Coach, MHS, $2,800; Allison Swepston, Asst. Cheer, MHS, $2,200.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE Standing Resolutions A. – J. as listed:

A. Minutes of  July 18 regular meeting; July 27 and Aug. 4 special meetings

B. Schedule of Payments: Checks to be issued in payment of July encumbrances/invoices as duly audited from the funds and in the amounts listed below and itemized in the financial reports: AP – Checks # 20180001 to 20180166 $6,252,028.9; DD’s – # 21800001 to 21800230 $392,609.81.

C. Schedule of Encumbrances – Numbered 18000192 to 18000598 — $4,073,428.85. 

D. Operating & Investment Funds, July 1-31: 1. Operating Account $2,298,723.10; 2. Investment Account $ 0.00.

E. Financial Report — 1. Balance Sheet; 2. FY 2017 Expense/Revenue Report. 3. Activity Fund.

F. PO’s Over $3,500/10,000 (By Fund)

18000441 Contract Paper Group Inc, $21,380, Copy Paper

18000524 OESC, $27,707.50, Unemployment Tax

18000419 Josten’s, $3,924.49, Diploma Covers

18000464 Skeeter Kell Sporting Goods, $7,700, Football Workout Shirt/Shorts

18000326 Riddell All American, $4,295, 12 Football Helmets

18000261 Garrett Davis, $20,000, FBall Startup Change/cash

18000248 Garrett Davis, $3,600, Bball Startup Change/Cash

18000586 Data Management Inc, $4,235.71, Timeclocks

18000531 Weidenhammer System Corp, $13,680, System Maint/Conf

18000273 Data3 Corp, $12,500, Cyber Threat Assessment

18000397 Deep River Resources Inc, $45,000, Programmer

18000276 SHI, $12,915, M/S Licenses

18000275 Great Plains Resources LLP, $11,550, Lobby Guard Maintenance

18000265 Xpress Wellness LLC, $5,000, Trnsp Physicals & drugTesting

18000539 Fleet Pride Inc, $5,000, Bus Parts

18000523 New Covenant Construction, $20,397, Greenhouse setup

18000324 WalMart, $8,603, Greenhouse

18000517 Marriott St Louis, $6,658.40, NewTech Conf

18000516 Saied Music Co, $3,767.40, Double French Horn

18000460 Interboro Packaging Corp, $14,926.40, Trash Can Liners

18000428 Empire Paper Cp $66,437.90, Tissue, towels. Cleaning supplies

18000278 Office Connections, $10,838.59, Furniture

18000401 City of Muskogee, $52,500, Water/Sewer utilities

18000592 BFI Waste Services Inc, $5,000, Dumpster Services

18000401 City of Muskogee $5,000, Garbage Services

18000525 Green Country Lawn Care $33,600, Mowing 

18000437 Ben E Keith Co $25,000, Disposables – supplies

18000471 Hiland Dairy $290,000, Milk/Dairy

18000439 US Food Service $25,000, Disposables – supplies

18000438 Sadler Paper Co $15,000, Disposables – supplies

18000408 Massco $13,500, Chemicals

18000456 The Hogle Co $72,620, HVAC MHS

18000528 Builders Unlimited Inc $178,031.40, MHS Gym HVAC

18000455 The Hogle Co $44,600, Mhs B&C HVAC

18000406 Trinity 3 LLC $53,000, 200 Chromes w/computrace

18000530 NCS Pearson Inc $164,605.47, Person 1:1 Initiative

18000594 Trinity 3 LLC $41,800 Computrace 4 yrs old chromes 2600

18000593 Takeform $16,961.85 BFSA Wallboards

18000526 Tankersley Brothers $44,550 Steamers (3)

18000457 Skeeter Kell Sporting Goods $13,300 Fball Cloth items

18000529 Forecast 5 Analytics, Inc $34,200 Software

18000527 Imagenet Consulting $39,964 Laserfische software

18000402 Stephen McDonald Assoc $54,898 Bond Counsel

18000403 BancTrust $1,981,500 MIA Lease Pymt

18000513 Skeeter Kell Sporting Goods $6,100 Tshirts Staff

G. Sanctioning — BFSA 4H Club; Creek PTO; Pershing PTO; Quarter Note Club; BFSA PTO; Musk Football Booster Club; ARJH PTO.

H. Act Fd Transfers — ECC, PreSchool to Concessions, $1,628.97; MHS, Innovative Ideas to Concessions, $ 279.06

I. Contracts — MCCOYS, OK Families First, Inc., Integrity Pathways, Blue Sky Behavioral Health, Song Byrd Behavioral Health, Muskogee County Head Start.

J. 2018 Budget Board Comments/ Suggestions

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