Muskogee Board of Education to hold special meeting

WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education Special Meeting

WHEN: 2 p.m. today.

WHERE: Board of Education Service and Technology Center, 202 W. Broadway.



Upon return to open session the board will consider: 

A. Non-acceptance of temporary certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Genia Dallis, Kindergarten Teacher, Cherokee, effective 08-03-2017; Misty Swanson, 5th/6th Grade Teacher, Cherokee, effective 06-21-2017.

B. Resignation of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Elizabeth Pitchford, Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Tony Goetz/AR, effective 08-02-2017.

C. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Melanie Broyles, English Teacher, MHS effective 08-14-2017; Phyllis Griffin, Counselor, Cherokee effective 08-04-2017; TBA, 3rd Grade Teacher, Cherokee; TBA, 4th Grade Teacher, Cherokee; TBA, 3rd Grade Teacher, Irving; TBA, 4th Grade Teacher, Irving; TBA, 6th Grade Teacher, Irving; TBA, Math Teacher, MHS.

D. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Rusty Bradley, Head Boys Tennis, MHS, $2,987; David Heath, HS Asst. Head FB, MHS, $5,500; David Heath, HS Head Boys Track, MHS, $4,342; Kodi Morrison Girls Asst. Basketball, MHS, $3,573; Jason Sexton Football DC, MHS, $5,000; Jason Sexton, Football 9th Aid, MHS, $2,250; Jason Sexton Football, 8th Aid, MHS, $2,000; Jason Sexton, Football Statistics Analysis, MHS, $1,000; Taylor Hennesy, JH Volleyball, MHS, $1,828; Jason Blasingame, 9th Football, MHS, $3,700; Jason Blasingame, Wrestling, MHS, $2,723; Jason Blasingame, Off-Season, MHS, $1,353; Robotics Head Coach, Janet Lopez, MHS, $2,750; Vocational, Janet Lopez, MHS, $2,000; Chorus Assistant, Scott Swindler, MHS, $2,189; Offensive Coordinator, Jason Medrano, MHS, $5,000; Boys Track, Jason Medrano, MHS, $2,186; High School Weights, Jason Medrano, MHS, $1,551; Assistant HS Football, Keaton Callins, MHS, $4,000; Boys Golf, Keaton Callins, MHS, $750; Girls Golf, Keaton Callins, MHS, $750; HS Football Asst. Anthony McNac, MHS, $4,000; 

HS Asst. Head FB, David Heath, MHS, $5,500; HS Head Boys Track, David Heath, MHS, $4,342; Fast Pitch Softball, Victor Paden, MHS, $3,100; Slow Pitch Softball, Victor Paden, MHS, $3,100; Gate Workers: Andrea Fletcher, Trish Hill, David Heath, Clayton Blevins, Rusty Bradley, Melissa O’Dell, Angie Hillmon, Jennifer Norwood, James Platter, Victor Paden, John Hammer, Brad Huddleston, Jimmy Monroe, Andi Hurst, Carman Heath, MHS, $20/hr each.

E. Non-acceptance of support staff for the 2017-2018 SY: Lauri Farmer, CNS Floater, District, effective 07-31-2017.

F. Resignation of support staff for 2017-2018 school year: Angel Davis-Durbin,Attendance Secretary, MHS, effective 07-31-2017.

G. Employment of support staff for the 2017-2018 school year: Lakeya Anderson, Teacher Assistant, ECC, effective 08-14-2017; Dawn Knupp, Secondary Attendance Secretary, MHS effective 08-14-2017; Deana Paden, Secondary Attendance Secretary, MHS, effective 08-14-2017. 

H. Temporary, extra-duty employment of support staff for the 2017-2018 SY: 8th Football, Prentiss McNac, MHS, $2,500; Girls Asst. Basketball, Christian Smith, MHS, $3,135; Gate Workers: Monique Beech, Shelley Sinnet, Jerome Jones, Kim Logsdon, Tami Gardenhire, Teresa Heytz, Debbie Edwards, Janice Teague, Andrew Coker, Lana Stevenson, Daryl Lee, Deana Paden, Tommy Price, Doug Fulkerson, Mark Haile, Nate Stanford, Antonio Lopez MHS $20/hr, Thea Spears, Mindi Havens, Nathan Hill, MHS, $20/hr each.

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