New Grissom campus hosts 7th annual District 5 Education Celebration

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –Education is continuing to grow in Huntsville, especially with the new Grissom High School campus.

For District 5 Madison County Commissioner Phil Riddick, education is critical for a number of reasons. That’s why he sponsors the Education Celebration in his district ever year.

“Education is the cornerstone of the whole community. I mean when families come to a community that’s one of the first things they look at, is what’s the education like in that community,” he explained.

Commissioner Riddick started the celebration seven years ago when he came into office. He said it started as a way to raise money for Huntsville City Schools, but now it’s grown.

“It’s turned into more of a neighborhood festival, and we’ve had bigger and bigger crowds every year. This is our biggest yet, and I think partly that’s because of the new school,” he said.

Huntsville City Schools Board President Elisa Ferrell said 90 students new to the school system enrolled in Grissom this year, the first year of the new campus.

“They’ve heard about the excellence here and they wanted to be a part of it, so it’s drawing people to our community. It’s increasing the community here in South Huntsville and we’re very proud of it,” she said.

Ferrell said events like the Education Celebration are a huge part of that. She said studies show that when you have actively engaged parents, you can have excellent schools.

“All of the attendance at this community event is evidence of that. Our community supports public education, and as a result our kids are successful,” she said.


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