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Oklahoma teacher’s viral photo shows the price of education

Oklahoma teacher’s viral photo shows the price of education
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Oklahoma art teacher, Laurissa Kovacs, shared a photo showing the bleak conditions of her classroom. After going viral on social media, Kovacs did not expect the reactions to come.

Last week Kovacs posted a photo of a broken chair with the caption, “I literally do not have enough chairs for 32 students. This photo is something every one of my students is familiar with… tomorrow I’m having to bring in a couple of folding chairs I have here at home. That’s why I’m walking out.”

Kovacs is amongst thousands of teachers uniting around the country to ask for better funding and resources for education. Understanding the power of social media, Kovacs ended the post with a link to an Amazon wish list. In just one week, that wish list received over $44,000 in school supplies.

“I wanted to put the word out that we’re not just doing this for the raise. We’re doing it because there are issues each of these kids have every day that effect the quality of their education,” Kovacs tells Daily Blast LIVE.

Overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, Kovacs ensures that the teachers strike is about so much more than better pay, it’s about the quality of education for their students.

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