Sedalia 200 Board of Education to vote on policies for upcoming year

Although there are no items slated for discussion on the agenda for tonight’s Sedalia School District 200 Board of Education meeting, members are expected to vote regarding a number of policies and guidelines for the 2017-18 school year.

The first item on the agenda for decision is to establish the tuition rate for the upcoming year, according to Superintendent Brad Pollitt.

“We will recommend that the rate be raised $200 to $8,200 for students who live outside the district and are required to pay tuition,” Pollitt said Friday morning. “That number is based on the cost to educate a child.

“The main effect will be on students who we enroll from the Dresden School District,” Pollitt explained. “Last year we had 49 students who enrolled from Dresden, which is the highest number we have had from their district.”

The tuition rate has increased slightly over the last three years and could be set as high as $8,555, according to Pollitt.

The district is also continuing to see an increase in the number of special services students.

“Our numbers continue to increase in the district’s special education program,” Pollitt said. “We receive a large percentage of students who qualify for services from the Co-op (Pettis County Early Childhood Cooperative).

“The number of students who receive for those services who graduate continues to increase each year but we are continuing to have more students who qualify each year as well,” Pollitt added. “Typically we add about 30 students who qualify for services each year.”

Pollitt commented that the district has added special education staff but that is not an easy role to fill as there are additional certification requirements being added to the program for individuals seeking a degree in special education.

The district has also experienced an increase in another program: gifted education.

“A couple of years ago we changed the focus of our gifted education from ELA (English Language Arts) to STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math),” Pollitt explained. “Since that time our numbers have increased slightly in the program.

“Our gifted students have competed well at the state level and this year we had a freshman team of girls win state in engineering and five other teams who finished in the top five in the state in their events,” he said. “We are very pleased with that and we are encouraging more girls to be involved which is really exciting to see.”

Board members are also expected to vote on the following items:

• Establishment of a tax rate hearing date.

• A substitute employee salary schedule for food service workers.

• Adoption of the student discipline code handbook.

• A schedule change to the 2017-18 board meeting dates.

The board meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Horace Mann Elementary gymnasium, 1100 W. 16th St. For more information call the central office at 829-6450.

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