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Shanghai Stock Exchange Launches Entity Investor Education Base

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The entity investor education base of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) was officially put into operation on March 30 and received the 1st group of visitors. As a basic project of investor education and right protection, the entity base will form an effective online-offline interaction with the SSE’s investor education website (edu.sse.com.cn) after its completion, thus constituting a “great platform” for investors to get “one-stop” investor education service and experience, obtain stock investment knowledge comprehensively, effectively and conveniently, and increase their rational investment concept and risk prevention awareness. And this is also another major measure of the SSE to adhere to the investor-oriented principle and increase investor’s sense of gain in the capital market in 2018.

Funny interaction: new technology brings new experience to investors

The SSE’s entity investor education base is in the grand trading hall. While maintaining the grand atmosphere of the trading hall, the base has organically combined the motion-sensing, smart investor-education robots, 3D printing, VR technology and other hi-tech elements and made full use of new technologies and new methods to bring about digitalized, scientific and intelligent investor education experience for investors.

Stressing investors’ experience and strengthening the interaction with investors are the key ideas of the base. Investors can enjoy funny photo-taking and motion-sensing games via portrait discrimination technology and motion-sensing technology and obtain knowledge and services through interaction and entertainment. Here, the “information flow waterfall” will explain the SSE’s development and history with new visual impact to investors; and the interesting financial quiz will made the professional and complicated stock and investment knowledge simple and relaxing, thus guiding investors to enhance their financial literacy through entertainment.

While actively embracing financial technology innovation, the base has introduced smart investor-education robot “Zhenzhen” as a commentator which will narrate the reform and development of China’s capital market, especially the SSE market. Investors can also expand their financial horizon while experiencing the pleasure of “people-robot” interaction.

To further enhance investor’s understanding on the SSE market, the base has displayed a 3D-print architectural model at site. Investors can learn about the SSE’s prosperous development over the past 30 years from its start at Astor House Hotel to the later Shanghai Stock Exchange Building through this model. Besides, investors can feel details of the old and new trading halls through VR devices. By the way of inviting investors, the SSE has provided investors with a platform to communicate and exchange with it and the securities market through the base, where investors can see, touch and involve into.

Several measures: investor education and protection are always on the way

For a long time, the SSE has kept exploring new ideas and methods of investor education, increase investors’ recognition towards investor education work, and intensify the effectiveness of investor education and protection. In 2008, the SSE launched an investor education website with an independent domain. After years of accumulation and improvement, it has gradually explored a new way of “Internet + Investor Education” to serve small and medium-sized investors. And the website has been designated as one of the “1st Batch of National Securities and Futures Investor Education Bases” in 2016 owing to its exquisite and diversified product contents.

In recent years, the SSE has kept organizing investor education and various online and offline activities. With the approaching of the mobile internet era, the SSE has made the most of WeChat, cellphone and other channels and focused on creating an investor-education resources sharing platform which clusters high-quality investor-education resources and provides investors with lively and open-and-shut investor education works. In addition, the “SSE Micro Class” has adopted living audio broadcast to popularize knowledge about the securities market, interpret relevant policies and rules and unveil investment risks.

The SSE has organized a series of offline brand activities. For example, the activity of “I’m Shareholder” has taken small and medium-sized investors to listed companies, thus offering them an opportunity to talk with senior executives of listed companies; the activity of the Financial Education at Schools has popularized financial knowledge to teenagers, thus helping them to improve their financial literacy; the activity of “Being A Rational Investor” has guided securities companies to play their leading role in investor education and stimulated them to make further efforts in investor education through assessment and incentive. At present, the base has served as a new bridge to serve small and medium-sized investors, allowing them to get relevant knowledge and service easily and get close to the capital market.

The focus of investor education should be investors, and their needs should always be firmly remembered. To give full play to the fundamental functions of the base in investor education and protection, the SSE will continue to intensify the innovative operation and standardized management of the base, attract more investors to visit and experience at site by organizing interesting activities, and build it into a high-quality, featured and influential brand base, thus writing a new chapter in the investor education work.

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