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Standard of Education in Sindh

Standard of Education in Sindh
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By Salman Khan Soomro

The world has reached at its peak level in educational field, but the students of Sindh are suffering under decades old teaching practices and rote learning. Inexperienced or low qualified teachers are appointed both in private and government institutions. Because of this, students’ rising abilities are destroyed, and their future is at stake. As they do not achieve education, instead they learn bad manners and cheating strategies.

In addition, there are more students in a class than chairs, especially in government schools, and students have no alternative but to sit on the floor. The government has failed to refine the standard of education.
Although every now and again we hear the amount of budget allocated for the improvement of education sector, I wonder why we still have to go through an old curriculum, why are we destined to be studying under the old teaching methods; why are we not provided with desks or chairs?
This is ironical condition of schools in all parts of rural Sindh and of Karachi’s government schools. Furthermore, I am a student and as far as my knowledge is concerned, it is all hogwash to invest in metro trains, flyovers, motorways and buildings, and instead, investing in human development and strengthening institutions to encourage meritocracy and to encourage talent is the only way for a nation to progress.
So, it is my humble request to the education departments and the government of Sindh to have a pity on the youth and improve the standard of education because it is the youth who can bring about a new revolution in society.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on February 3, 2018

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