State school board approves 'Hamilton' education program over objections of cost, vulgarity and inaccuracy

I want to be careful that we’re promoting the history that we want, that truth be taught. We have so much misunderstanding of history on, like board member Stokes said, we don’t know everything and we’re not teaching everything according to how it happened. We’re not using original sources. And Hamilton was a true politician and even though he helped write The Federalist Papers, he did go back and rescind everything that he stood for in The Federalist Papers.

This is not somebody I want — to think this is great because we expand government. He was very much for expanding government and expanding on a national bank. And so on and so forth.

Is that covered? Are the students knowing that he was a true and blue politician? Are we really teaching about what happened, and not just a musical that shares vulgarity?

I just think we heave a responsibility to teach truth, to be careful what we put our name on and what we promote. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean we should just automatically jump on the bandwagon. We have a responsibility to our students to teach them the truth and this is what they’re begging for today.

With the social studies standards, I think it glosses over the true intent of history and the original intent of history and i think it’s incredibly important. I just want to be very cautious and make sure that history is taught correctly.

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