State teacher licensing board welcomes new members

State teacher licensing board welcomes new members | Education |

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The North Dakota teacher licensing board welcomed four new members Thursday at its monthly meeting the state Capitol.

The four members, including two Bismarck natives, were appointed by Gov. Doug Burgum to serve three-year terms on the Education Standards and Practices Board. The independent board is comprised of 10 educators, administrators and school board members.

The new members are Brenda Tufte, a professor at the University of Mary, Ben Johnson, Bismarck Public Schools’ secondary assistant superintendent, Andrea Fox, a teacher at West Fargo Public Schools, and Jessica Rush, a teacher at Bishop Ryan Catholic Schools in Minot.

On Thursday, the board also elected Carly Retterath, a Mandan Public Schools teacher, as president, and Karen Christensen, a Wishek Public School teacher, as vice president.

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