Stooksberry talks policy with Kilby personnel

FLORENCE — If there’s one thing Lisa Stooksberry is passionate about, it’s getting teachers’ voices heard on the national level.

Having done her undergraduate work in education at the University of North Alabama, Stooksberry returned “home” to UNA this week, as well as to Kilby Laboratory School today, to meet with teachers and some students seeking their education degrees.

She is being honored Saturday during UNA homecoming festivities as the school’s “Educator of the Year” through the alumni association.

Stooksberry knows a thing or two about education policy and national testing as she works for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, playing a major role in setting policy for the U.S. in relation to assessments and schools.

After touring Kilby School, where she once interned, she met with teachers and prospective students to get their ideas as well as dispense advice on affecting education policy at the state and national levels.

“Approaching policy makers can be a tricky thing, I mean how do you even gain access to them?”, Stooksberry asked the group. “For starters you can invite your local policy makers, your legislators, in to see what you’re doing and how you’re affecting students. You may even bring them in to a student-led conference, where they see, through the students, what you’ve been doing.”

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