Sudan: Experts Call for Increase of Spending On Education

Khartoum — Speakers at the Media Forum on “Quality Education” organized by the “Media for Children” Association in cooperation with the Project to Strengthen Basic Education have stressed the need to increase education spending, increase teachers’ salaries, create appropriate school environment, promote school health, the implementation of the regulations that prevent schools from being attached to shops, or industrial utilities that do not fit the school environment, and the development of curricula that meet the modern requirements.

The director of Strengthening Basic Education Project, Hashim Hamza, said that education is a major extension of development, indicating that it is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education to form a project for strengthening the basic education, improving the educational environment in certain areas, providing textbooks, and the strengthening of educational planning and national management mechanisms for education in Sudan.

He said that the project started in the year 2013 for a period of four years to begin work in all states with a focus on ten states.

He pointed out that the project has implemented the building of 1112 classrooms, and the distribution of 4.5 million free charge books, a book for each student, the designation and printing of the new curriculum books for the first and second classes with completion of the of the first phase of the teachers training project on the new curriculum.

The educational expert, Mubarak Yaheya presented a paper on the “reality of basic education in Sudan”, in which he asserted that the application of decentralized governance is considered a challenge to education because it transferred the responsibility of the planning and development of education and funding to the states, besides the weak programs of training and rehabilitation of teachers.

He called for the start of formation and implementation of the constitution for a free and compulsory basic education for the children of poor families to ensure their right to education, the constitution that is expecting to be provided by the adequate resources for the rehabilitation and intensification of continuing training courses for the teacher, to guarantee the quality of education.

Indicating importance of the state authority on the administration planning, and financing of the technical education, providing qualified and trained cadre, the physical infrastructure, and the development and promotion of technical education for young people to engage them in sustainable development.

Dr. al-Tayeb Mohamed al-Amin, from the training administration of the education ministry, presented paper on the requirements of the school’s environment, the teaching staff, classrooms and the student’s activities, to develop the student’s capabilities and skills and to raise awareness of national unity.

The Forum has recommended the importance of increasing the social researchers in schools, the implementation of the list of alternative punishment, the free education, providing the correct information to the media to reflect the reality, and to give due concern to the student activities and the training and rehabilitation of teachers.

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