The week in review: Education, judge rules on vetoes and drought persists

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We know how tough it is to keep up with all the news every week, especially in recent months. Here’s a list of the stories that appeared on NM Political Report this week that you can catch up on this weekend—before the news cycle starts all over again next week.

This week, we highlighted education stories:

  • Education plan could result in closure, takeover of some schools by Andy Lyman: A dive into an education plan the federal government approved and how it could lead to school closures or the conversion of public schools to charter schools.
  • Judge rules ten Martinez vetoes invalid, says they will become law by Matthew Reichbach: Gov. Susana Martinez saw another court setback with the judge’s ruling that she failed to validly veto ten bills, paving the way for them to become law.
  • Confusion over DOI Secretary’s decision on land transfer by Laura Paskus: After an announcement by the U.S. Interior Department, some reported a land transfer to open up a wilderness area was going forward. But that wasn’t true.
  • State needs to enact changes to take advantage of STEM opportunities, interest by Laura Paskus: New Mexico has a wide array of opportunities for jobs in STEM-related careers. But to take advantage of those opportunities, the state must make changes.
  • Budget cuts hit teachers, students in classroom by Matthew Reichbach: When the education budget takes a hit, it isn’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. It impacts classrooms, students and teachers.
  • Farmington Planned Parenthood health center to stay open by Matthew Reichbach: Earlier this year, the organization announced the Farmington health center would close. But after an outpouring of donations, they reversed that decision.
  • NM not as dry, but drought still persists by Matthew Reichbach: The U.S. Drought Monitor shows New Mexico has only a small sliver of ‘abnormally dry’ land. But that doesn’t mean the drought is over.
  • Bernalillo County commission votes against rolling back immigrant-friendly resolution by Matthew Reichbach: The Bernalillo County Commission, responding to the U.S. Attorney General, said the county will remain immigrant-friendly.
  • Announcing our next News and Brews: A discussion on education NM Political Report staff: Want to see an in-depth discussion on education? RSVP now for the August 24 event.
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