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To save money, put the emphasis on online education

To save money, put the emphasis on online education
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I understand public school is very expensive, especially what’s paid to get individual students educated. The exact figure from the near-$28 billion budget wasn’t in the article, but it doesn’t get away from the point.

We can easily solve the money issue in education by eliminating almost every brick-and-mortar structure in the districts and allowing families to receive funds for the needed technology, along with prescribed websites to track progress. We would get a much better-educated society.

People are graduating from website-only universities; now bring it down to the local level, saving the states tons of cash, along with eliminating the federal Department of Education, helping to save tons of cash for the overburdened taxpayer. This would be a win-win, but the need for power and control always supersedes sound policy that actually replaces and fixes all of those broken promises.

Tech is here to stay, so let’s get ahead of the curve for once and be leaders of the nation, showing how progress can work well fixing the educational process in America. There wouldn’t be a need for armed security, bloated administrative salaries, failure after failure, etc.

Paul Swigert  •  Florissant

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