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Under DaDaABC’s Strategic Cooperation with McGraw-Hill Education, “Wonders” Launches in China with Customized …

Under DaDaABC’s Strategic Cooperation with McGraw-Hill Education, “Wonders” Launches in China with Customized …
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The well-known Chinese media proprietor, journalist, and talk show hostess Yang Lan also visited as a guest and witnessed the multi-party cooperation ceremony.

DaDaABC, based in Shanghai, provides fixed one-on-one online English teaching services for children ranging from 4-16 years old. It received around 100 million USD in the round C financing from Tiger Global and TAL Education Group in Jan 2018.

According to Zhi Hui, the Founder & CEO of DaDaABC: “This cooperation is a symbol of upgrading our industry value chain, and it is an attempt for us to transform from knowledgeable provider to service supplier through strategic integration. We have always been committed to providing our students with a learning experience that is up to international standards to enhance their competitiveness on the global stage.”

Experts in the education field have commented that this teaching material not only helps children acquire literacy skills but also plays a role in enriching children’s worldview, which has a significant influence on their future.

Shawn Clark, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at McGraw-Hill Education emphasized: “As a company, we are very careful about choosing partners that align with our “Wonders” teaching methods and curriculum. DaDaABC’s leading one-on-one teaching model and advanced technology, together with our teaching materials based on our learning science principles, can help ensure the highest level of student performance. We are confident DaDaABC will be an excellent partner. We also want to thank DaDaABC for choosing us to be their partner.”  

DaDaABC has successively reached long-term strategic cooperation with internationally renowned publishers such as National Geographic Learning and Oxford University Press, and successively introduced the “Primary Longman Express” and “Oxford Reading Tree” and other authoritative original English textbooks. DaDaABC has also jointly set up the DaDaABC Anti-piracy Alliance with these renowned publishers to raise awareness of copyright protection and set a model for the industry.

Analysts generally believe that DaDaABC’s teaching methods and research never seek the easiest way. The fixed one-on-one teaching pattern has already been challenging for operations, and the insistence on using excellent original materials is another tough path to take. However, Mrs.Zhi and their team stressed: “Though the negotiation process has never been easy, we still stick to what we believe delivering a true online school based on core education principles. This is our original intention. No matter how hard it would be, we will all keep going.”

DaDaABC is now the No. 1 education brand in China, with the most powerful partner network of world-renowned publishers and the largest platform with worldwide original English teaching materials. Its word-of-mouth reputation, conversion rates, course completion rates consumption rates, and renewal rates also make DaDaABC stand out from other brands in the same industry.

Another focus of the press conference was the exclusive strategic cooperation between DaDaABC and Mad Science, which specializes in the field of children’s STEM education worldwide.

Mad Science originated from Canada and is a world-renowned, child-focused scientific education institution equipped with advanced scientific teaching facilities and course systems. Commenting on its strategic collaboration with DaDaABC, Sophie Huang, CEO of Mad Science mentioned: “Our views on education are very much consistent with those of DaDaABC. This partnership signifies our integration of online and offline education and provides our children with a more comprehensive and interactive course with a science and language learning experience.” 

Mad Science’s decision to collaborate with DaDaABC largely relies on their belief that DaDaABC’s advanced AI and online-streaming technologies can help Mad Science users enjoy an enhanced learning experience. 

Moreover, this strategic partnership conference helps convey DaDaABC’s philosophy to the public: DaDaABC is not only a platform that is equipped with valuable resources, including professional foreign teacher resources, excellent original teaching materials, and authoritative assessment systems, but it’s also an aggregator that brings together multiple service ends of the industry to form a terminal service end matrix to connect these resources with their exclusive fixed one-on-one teaching methods.

Mrs. Zhi remarked: “I particularly value the customized, one-on-one online content of “Wonders” and the exclusive partnership built up with Mad Science. I have always believed that the fundamental logic behind an education platform is particularly important, as well as the teaching methodology and user experience. Some people said that we should be fully prepared for rapid expansion, however, I think we should be prepared to stay patient and operate carefully because we have to be responsible to our students and parents. Respecting the rules of education has always been at the core of our company, and although we value technology and have greatly invested in this domain, I still believe that education matters the most and should be our foundation. Only in this way, can we help empower our children.”

While speaking about the future development of DaDaABC, Mrs. Zhi mentioned: “We are grateful for all the support we have gained from our valuable partners, and we want to thank them for choosing DaDaABC. We will continue to seek more collaborations, not necessarily for the purpose of competition but for the goal of combining each parties’ strengths to benefit our children who are the future of our country, and it’s of our responsibility to make a contribution.”

Background Introduction:

About DaDaABC

DaDaABC is a professional organization specializing in K12 online English education. After years of development, DaDaABC has formed key advantages, including self-research, a network of foreign teachers in Europe and the United States, a one-on-one fixed teaching model, a graded curriculum, diversified course categories and fully functional coverage of mobile terminals. Its “100% Transparent Classroom” system allows parents to monitor their children’s learning using mobile devices anytime, anywhere, and achieve efficient, convenient and personalized home-school collaboration.

DaDaABC is committed to building an “international school without walls” and always adheres to the teaching-oriented principle, through the establishment of “Brain Spark.” By collaborating with the Highlights Press, McGraw-Hill Education, and FLTRP, they can import qualified teaching content such as PLE, Reach, Highlights and a number of authoritative tutorials (including electronic versions), and training and evaluating systems. It maintains parity with schools from domestic first-tier cities as well as private schools from Hong Kong in terms of teaching resources.

In 2015, DaDaABC obtained round A financing from Dragon Capital, Pegasus Fund, and Qingsong Fund. In 2016, DaDaABC gained hundreds of millions of yuan in round B funding from Yonghua Capital. In December of the same year, it also raised a few hundred million yuan in round B+ financing led primarily by Oriental Fortune Capital. Among them, Yonghua Capital ranked third place with the most IPO exits of domestic VC/PE institutions in the first half year of 2017, and the total amount of funds managed by the Oriental Fortune Capital exceeded RMB 20 billion. In January 2018, DaDaABC gained 100 million U.S. dollars in round C financing jointly invested by the world-famous hedge fund Global Tiger Fund and the domestic education giant TAL Education Group, becoming one of the industry’s invisible unicorns.

About McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences to help students, parents, educators and professionals drive results. McGraw-Hill Education has offices across North America, India, China, Europe, the Middle East and South America. It publishes learning materials in over 60 languages. https://www.mheducation.com/

About Mad Science

Mad Science is a children-focused Canadian Science Education brand and was introduced to China in 2013. Their products include Magical Scientist, which was dedicated to providing Chinese kids aged between 3-12 with interesting and interactive science learning experiences and global education resources. Their courses are all under the guidelines of the STEM learning approach and U.S. teaching methods. Now, plenty of international schools in China have started their after-class lessons with Magical Scientist from Mad Science; the Mad Science courses in Shanghai were launched with lesson topics authorized by NASA.

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