Union 76 names new special education director

Anne Berleant

Unanimously approved by the Union 76 board Tuesday, July 18, Kathleen Glennon started her new position as Union 76 special education director the next morning.

A seasonal resident of Brooklin who had planned to move there full-time, Glennon retired three years ago as a special education administrator. Since then, she worked part-time in Massachusetts and was working towards her Maine certification. She had previously held special education director positions in Peabody and Amesbury, Mass.

When she saw the Union 76 opening, she immediately applied.

“I never thought I would see an opening for a special education administrator job in Maine, in easy driving distance [from Brooklin],” she said.

Glennon received her master’s degree in special education from Lesley University in Massachusetts and her certificate of advanced graduate studies in Educational Leadership from Boston College. Her undergraduate degree is from Northeastern University, in health and physical education.

In special education, Glennon said “the biggest thing is not to allow special education to impose limitations on kids.”

She is currently learning about the three Union 76 schools—Brooklin, Sedgwick and Deer Isle-Stonington— student data, the special education staff, and the school principals, who are nearly as new as her.

“There’s not a collective history,” she said.

However, Glennon did say that the “general feeling” is that special education numbers are high.

“Compared to what?” she asked. “That’s always left blank.”

Special education programming is never on summer break although the number of students is less than during the school year, Glennon said, giving her a little time to learn her way around.

While federal regulations dictate special education requirements, Glennon said that the forms and terminology vary greatly state to state.

“Regulations guide a lot of what you do,” she said. “My personal belief is to help kids be the best of whatever they want to be, to maximize their potential.”

Married “to a wonderful woman,” with a dog and two cats, Glennon has already sold her house in Massachusetts and will fully move to Brooklin before the school year starts.

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