W.Va. Board of Education to vote on new celebration food policy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — The West Virginia State Board of Education is working to update the standards for school nutrition. An area within that topic up for discussion: celebration foods.

The West Virginia Department of Education recommends allowing individual counties to decide how they’ll go about bringing outside food into schools for parties.

“They can choose to completely ban it or say that it’s allowed,” Kristin Anderson, communications director for the West Virginia Department of Education, said.

The board of education will decide whether to give the power to individual counties Thursday morning.

At Wednesday’s board of education meeting, some expressed their concern over the policy update and said the policy should be tabled until more research has been done.

“We just want to continue to put the power with the counties and allow them to develop policies that work in their county and work in their school,” Anderson said.

As of right now, there is no specific ban from bringing outside food into the classroom, but the department of education tells WSAZ it’s discouraged.

Within the same policy to be voted on Thursday, schools will not be allowed to sell drinks with caffeine or artificial sweeteners during the school day, and students with outstanding or unpaid meal debts will be given greater protection.

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